Friday, May 6, 2016

Three Examples of Globalization in One Picture

Source: Adobe Stock File

There are three examples of globalization that can be seen in this file, though all have to do with extrapolation on how the computer in the photo is being used.

For this to be done, first the definition of globalization as we were first given it must be relayed.  That definition is, "the intermixing of different economies and cultures to form one".   

The first example is simple, and the definition above could define it as well as globalization: the internet.  It is incredibly likely that the user in this picture is using the internet in some form, be it Spotify, a background browser, or actual use of the net.  The definition for the globalization and the one for the internet match nearly perfectly.  The 'net even had its own currencies, now, purchased with real money--some of which will then go on to buy virtual items, some of which will buy real ones.

The second example requires some extrapolation from the first: the computer user is buying something online.  Very few items are purchased that are from Made In America companies.

The third, and the final example, requires extrapolation from the second: the computer user is buying something technology-related online.  An Apple computer is a wonderful example, one which you are using, in all probability, to read this post.  Apple is an American company--but the various things within the computer, the pieces of circuitry, come from a different (likely East Asian) company entirely.  The Apple item may arrive in the country entirely made, even--but the country it was made in was likely not the country the raw metals were mined in.  Three country hops involved to bring an Apple MacBook or iPad to you make this a perfect third example.

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