Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The image above shows, Syrian and Iraqi refugees caught in-between the two protective fences that lay between Greece and Macedonia. These migrants have illegally crossed the border seeking a place to settle down and escape the deadly conflicts happening in their own home countries. Due to the massive amount of refugees flooding across the border of Macedonia, the Macedonian government is restricting the entry of asylum seekers to match the number of those leaving the country, letting in only migrants from Syria and Iraq. About seven thousand refugees are stranded in the northern part of Greece's boarder, and had to be pushed back by riot police because of the number of refugees trying to get across the razor sharp fences. The build up of migrants is due to a number of European countries, deciding to slow the amount of refugees passing into their country. Amnesty International has been very critical of European countries for failing to accommodate the stranded refugees. The leader of the European council plans on visiting these areas highly populated refugees to figure out a plan. He intends on calling a meeting with the European countries, with the hopes of relieving the pressure of the nations, that have been dealing with the refugee crisis.

I feel that the refugee crisis directly relates to globalization because of the migrants leaving their home countries in search of a new nation to call their own. Because of this, many countries have to struggle to face the millions of poor refugees trying to gain access into their country. I believe that has a huge effect on a nations security and their economy. 


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